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SMSF Manager Reviews

How much is your peace of mind worth?

Are you or your business services managers reviewing the accounting for your SMSF clients? Are you really sure that it’s correct?

The problem is, employing a specialist SMSF manager is over $100,000 p.a.…Until now!

What if you could employ one of Australia’s most experienced SMSF management teams to fully review your team’s work on a fund-by-fund basis?

Led by Brad Hoffman, who started providing SMSF accounting and administration services for accountants in 1994, and who has since held senior executive positions in some of Queensland’s largest SMSF administrators, for only $330 per fund (inc GST) you can receive a review by a specialist SMSF manager.

Do you have 50 funds? That’s $15,000 p.a. to receive an SMSF specialist manager review service for your most important clients’ funds. With Pro-Super’s Manager Review Solution, you can access our review service for a year – just to make sure you’re on track – or each and every year, so you can rest easy knowing that your funds are correct and the optimal treatment of accounting and tax strategies are being  implemented across your SMSF client-base.

SMSF Technical Reviews

Are you worried that your SMSF clients might be missing out on the latest strategies, because it’s just too hard to stay across all of the superannuation changes? 

Concerned that there might be hidden liabilities because of missing or flawed binding death nominations or pension issues?

For only $220 per fund (inc GST) you can have Brad Hoffman – one of Australia’s leading SMSF specialists – provide a technical review of your clients’ funds.

So, what is a technical review?

At any point in the year (but ideally shortly before a client meeting to discuss a client’s SMSF), you provide Brad with a copy of: the latest financial statements and annual return; trust deeds; pension documents; BDBNs.  Brad will then review the fund and provide you with a written summary of recommendations, which may include:

  • Updating the trust deed
  • Reviewing BDBNs for potential weakness
  • Implementing modern, tax-effective contribution strategies (did you know there are now 13 different kinds of contributions?)
  • Commencing or restructuring pensions
  • Checking what arrangements are in place, should one or more trustees become incapacitated
  • Any other matters which are assessed as potential opportunities or threats.

Pro-Super can also assist with rectifying any of the technical issues identified.  Not only will you add value to your clients’ SMSFs, but the additional fees generated by your practice will often more than cover the cost of the Technical Review.

SMSF Mentoring & Restructuring

Are you struggling to make money on your SMSF business? Concerned that you have exposure to one or more key staff members leaving?

What about your pricing model – is it too high or low? And how about outsourcing – there are many options available, but where do you get an unbiased, expert opinion on which one is best for your practice?

Brad Hoffman is not just one of Australia’s leading SMSF technical experts. He is also one of the country’s leading specialists in building and running SMSF accounting and administration businesses.

Some of his achievements include:

  • Developing one of the first SMSF-specific accounting software packages in the 1990’s
  • Senior executive overseeing the development of the first cloud-based package in the early 2000’s
  • One of the pioneers in specialist SMSF administration outsourcing
  • Assisted a large accounting practice to transition over 1,500 SMSFs from BGL to Class
  • Has integrated overseas outsourcing solutions for two major administrators
  • Brought back in-house over 200 externally administered funds for another administrator
  • Engineered a net turnaround in profitability of over 30% in a 400 fund administration business
  • Identified and implemented key team structures, workflows, targets, incentives and procedures in numerous SMSF accounting businesses
  • Reviewed and modernised the technology stacks in a number of large administrators, to improve profitability and enhance efficiencies
  • Reviewed and updated SMSF precedent documents to modern, compliant formats

Brad only works with one practice at a time when engaged in a mentoring and restructuring engagement. The pricing structure will vary, depending on your firm’s particular needs.

For an obligation-free initial discussion about how Pro-Super’s Mentoring & Restructuring Solution can make a big difference to your SMSF’s business, get in contact today.

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